Sunday, 6 December 2009

Se Ga Ki

On 18 December 2009 at St. John (Bethnal Green, London) I performed "Se Ga Ki" as a part of GHost II.
I set up a table and gave away boxes which had hungry ghosts in. "Hungry ghosts" would be small and ugly figures but visitors were able to see shadows of them only at the exhibition. I was a person under control of the ghost so I was asking other people to feed them. People had to sign an agreement to look after the ghost. They were not allowed to open the boxes on site as they had to take them home and to feed them well, otherwise they might eat everyone.

"Segaki" (feeding hungry ghost) traditionally is performed in Japan to stop the suffering the "gaki"(hungry ghosts tormented by insatiable hunger, who's spirits are still surrounding in this world.). This is traditionally part of O-Bon, a biggest summer festival to remember the dead. However, due to Western influence, the ceremony is today often held around Halloween and Mexican Day of the Dead, which are similarly devoted to remembrance of the deceased, and through less emphasized in the modern period, the potential placation of their sprits.

agreements in the middle, shadows of ghosts on the right

ghosts were hiding in the silver boxes

sessions went seriously

after the sessions

the shadows left there

Detail of the agreement is below.

Agreement with hungry ghosts
  1. I will feed ghosts well. Yes / No
  2. I will treat them well even if they do not speak my language. Yes/ No
  3. I will respect and accept their different attitudes and personality traits even though I might not personally identify with them. Yes/ No
  4. I treat them well even if they lose a limb. Yes/ No
  5. I do not get discouraged at the first sign of apathy or rejection from another human being. Yes/ No
  6. I have had a failed relationship another human being. Yes/ No
If "Yes" please prove below how you will treat the ghost well without failing.

I will email evidence of my care to :

I declare that the above information is true and correct.

18 December 2009

Below are people who singed the agreement. Several people have failed and couldn't get the silver box with a ghost.

He was the last person...